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Hi everyone! My name is Megh and I am the crafter and owner at TimAndBen Dolls and Designs. I hand-sew voodoo dolls, kits, and craft custom dolls that can be purchased at I also draw and design new prints for TimAndBen, and feature custom dolls and their owners here on DeviantArt.

Like what you see?
Right now, I am hosting a Kickstarter project, in order to raise funds to buy materials so that I can experiment and create new dolls and designs for tshirts and other products. All pledgers and donators get neat backer loot, including a handsewn doll, stickers, postcards, tshirts, and more, so if you get a chance, check us out at…

Feel free to follow me, and PM me for any questions, comments, or requests for custom dolls!